Today is Rebecca’s birthday

…happy birthday. Rebecca is my sister.

The OT lady did visit and showed me several photos of ramps, risers and more ramp/riser-type things that have no name. She promised to order them for delivery later this week and a little later I received a call to say that assorted hardware would be delivered to the house on Thursday.

The rest of the morning I spent scanning some old photos of Juliet and I then unpacked all her dancing medals and trophies from the early ’70s and set them up for a photograph which I’ll doubtless post here when I’ve worked out how. Youngest daughter Alice and I took the photos and noted that some of the little medals had never been unwrapped. Alice came up with brilliant idea of hanging one trophy, a brass-effect metal scroll (it was the 1970s, remember) on our “boasting wall”, one dedicated to various family certificates.

J's dancing scroll

J's dancing scroll

J's dancing medals

J's dancing medals

All this rather upset me and we had a weepy lunch of soup.

I visited Juliet at KH this afternoon and once we completed the palaver of transfer from bed to wheelchair, took her down the corridor to the day visitors lounge, and thence to the art room. Although J seemed better today (reduced steroids and little or no paranoia), she went into one of her vacant moments in the art room, what the medical staff call an “absence” when she is not quite with us for 5-10 minutes. She was unable to work out what to do with a pair of scissors (cutting up magazine images to make a collage). So I spent perhaps 40 minutes constructing said collage. It was rather like years ago, making Lego with the girls, and carrying on long after they’d wandered off. J seemed happy enough just being with me; it’s very quiet and peaceful in the art room. Tea & cake afterwards in the day visitor lounge – she was still “absent” but not so much that she couldn’t recognise and demolish a slice of cake.

This evening saw the usual round of DadsCabs ferrying around daughters to TKD and skipping activities. Lucy also did some driving practice with me, including demonstrating some emergency stops – even those were just fine. Her test is just over a week away and she deserves to pass first time.

About hodders

Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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