Concerned neighbours

Just returned from visiting Juliet, late in the afternoon. She seemed fairly happy today and launched into an involved explanation of what she’d been doing. Gradually I pieced some facts together: she’d been taken out of her room, to somewhere noisy and with some old people. Later a nurse explained that someone had wheeled her up the corridor to the day centre to sit with the day vistors but J had had trouble in expressing herself and seemed apprehensive of it all. It was a nice thought by the nurses though.

I was dog tired having finished off all yesterday’s jobs, so freshly-showered and lying on J’s bed in her warm, quiet & sunny bedroom I fell asleep for a few minutes. J said she just liked me being there.

Earlier today I spoke to several of the neighbours at various times. Malcolm awkwardly offered us a visit from the local vicar (new, American) but I explained that the all-faiths chaplain at Katharine House had already visited Juliet. Rachel (a locum GP) name-checked all the doctors at KH and gave me a hug. Ian called round to scrounge some screws for a ukelele he was making from scratch (yep, from scratch).

The dino-garden looks fab, though I say so myself.

Dinosaur garden
Dinosaur garden

 I even have the large piece of Cotham Marble in place, which Juliet found in a stream when I took her rock-hunting near Bristol in the mid-1980s. (Geologists’ wives and partners always find the finest specimens, unless their children are present, in which case it is the kids’ turn to come up with the immortal line “is this anything?” while dangling a dinosaur skull from their spade). We had the CM piece cut to reveal the algal markings inside (it’s a stromatolite, geology readers), then I had polished it over the years, but never really had it properly on display in any of our gardens. I was determined that Juliet would finally see it in its rightful place.

Cotham Marble

Cotham Marble

In the photo, there’s another, taller piece of CM to the left of the cut & polished slab. You can’t see the detail but if you find my avatar somewhere on this site, that is also a photo of a polished piece of the rock.

About hodders

Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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