Skipping display

Yesterday’s second visit to J also didn’t go that well. We arrived just as she was being served her tea – tomato soup, cheese & biscuits. When you’re in hospital, and immobile, mealtimes are a real treat and I think J was more interested in the meal than us. The cutlery coordination is very poor, as previously noted, and she has a tendency to eat almost everything with her fingers – messy.

Later that evening I walked down the road with several of the neighbours to Scot’s surprise 40th birthday party. He returned home after a day out and was duly surprised to find his house occupied by guests and lots of alcohol. Great party – I stayed until about 1:30am. Everyone should have a surprise party once – I had one sprung on me when I was 18. (And I got off with a girl. Result. Wow, that was almost 30 years ago.).

Juliet would have loved all the party dresses and Scot & Samantha’s interesting house. I did tell her about it this afternoon, but now I think about it, it didn’t sink in with her at all. On the plus side she was pretty bright today – the nurses were apologetically just finishing washing & dressing her at about 3pm because she’d slept very late this morning. Her ankles and lower legs were very swollen again – water retention I guess. Lucy and I had just come from probably her last public skipping display with her RopeCommotion club, at the Bodicote Festival, or “BodFest” as they like to call it. Last-minute panic as the organizers had a PA system but no music player. A portable CD “ghetto blaster” was fetched and all went OK, a bit windy for outside skipping but that’s usual.

We left Juliet with Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter on the CD player. J simply could not operate the large “play” and “stop” buttons on the player, they’re about the size of postage stamps but she either couldn’t focus on them or couldn’t coordinate her fingers to locate them accurately. So we left the first CD playing, for 77 minutes, and I think this has been a good idea as she still has a warm, pleasant voice in her room after we’ve left.

This evening I will visit with just Alice as Lucy is going to a friend’s vegetarian barbecue (mustn’t laugh). I say visit, we’ll actually watch an hour of Top Gear and then the final of The Apprentice, but they are pretty much the only two programmes that our whole family enjoys. Hope it’s not too over-stimulating for her.

About hodders

Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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