Shopping Day

Girls at the Sales
Girls at the Sales

Spent the morning working at home and even talking to a customer, but this afternoon we took Juliet out to the shops in Banbury for a couple of hours. As before, she went in the hospice’s “Popemobile” and we met her at a prearranged point.

J being stapped into the Popemobile

J being strapped into the Popemobile

We bought her a lot of new clothes – socks, underwear, tops and a skirt, mostly in M&S. She also asked to be pushed along aisles of unnecessary items, such as the homeware sections of M&S and Cargo. She just liked looking at all the colours and designs. She got rather tired and vague in the last half-hour and so two hours was plenty.

J goes shopping

J goes shopping

Earlier today I’d uncovered a small folder and booklets on the subject of Caring for Carers i.e. books aimed at those looking after patients. These were in J’s cupboard at home, probably given to her by our Macmillan nurse and I’m not sure I’ve seen them before. Some reading required.

Have had several nice emails from people saying they find the blog useful. You can always add a comment to a post to give your view! Here’s one comment that I hope the sender doesn’t mind me repeating: “The story about the [letters] boxes is typical Juliet. She was not always so organised at school but when she had something in her head, she went through with it. It was/is an important part of saying goodbye to herself and her loved ones and kind of rounding things off.”

Finally here’s a photo her dad took of her a few weeks ago:

Juliet in hat
Juliet in hat

Stop Press: just had a call from J’s mum, Margaret, to say that she and J’s brother Alex will visit tomorrow. Also to say that she had just phoned the hospice and asked them to switch J’s TV onto a regular programme about a flower show – J will love this, what a nice thought! And I now see they briefly feature a primitive “dinosaur garden”!

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Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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2 Responses to Shopping Day

  1. lesley says:

    Hi from Crete, home of the Minotaur and modern tourist trail. R9dney and I were so touched to receive your message from Susannah (we can’t call her Sue either). We have read your blog daily and find it helpful to understand what you are all going through. It is a brilliant idea. Our love and thoughts are with you all. Back to the English summer next Thursday.


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