Fast asleep

I was in London all day and Lucy went to give a skipping lesson in the evening. Received a call from one of the nurses to say that Juliet had had a fit about 5:30 pm and had been sleeping soundly since then, so much so they couldn’t get her to take her regular afternoon medication (ironically part of the anti-fit treatment). Alice & I picked Lucy up from Kidlington at 8pm and went straight to KH. The nurses were just transferring J from her chair to the bed which took a while. When we went in, she was deeply asleep, tucked up in bed. She did manage to open her eyes a few times, say “yes” to something and smile, and even took a few sips of water from a beaker. However she didn’t return our squeezing of her fingers; she was almost unconscious. So we didn’t stay long, to let her sleep.

The doctors had explained to me a while back that the fits are actually brief, mild seizures – shaking of the limbs and sometimes loss of consciousness for a few moments and loss of bladder control. These are extremely tiring and the body’s reaction is to go to sleep. Before J entered the hospice she’d had several weeks of seizures and deep, deep long sleeps, until the doctors got her medication programme worked out. So let’s hope she wakes up bright & refreshed tomorrow.

It seems that her cousin Janet (either her second cousin or first cousin once removed, her godmother anyway) had visited today, as evidenced by posh chocs being left and which J had started to work through in best Billy Bunter fashion.

Thinking about the presence of a water beaker tonight, I’d noticed that yesterday, instead of the usual water glass. They are practical things, but they’re also indicators of the extra care she needs day by day.

I’m going to close with a nice picture of J in happier times. Not going to save them all up for after she’s gone.

Three generations at Perrin St 26 June 1993

Three generations at Perrin St 26 June 1993

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Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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2 Responses to Fast asleep

  1. Simon Hodkin says:

    Here is an extract from Janet’s account of her visit that day:

    Have just come up to bed & read Simon’s last 2 blogs. My heart goes out to you all.
    J is in the most wonderful  place – Katherine House is so caring & beautifully peaceful.
    I am sure that your meeting, Simon, with Neil Gadsby at that particular time, was meant to be. 
    The right person at the right time.
    I am very impressed about the music.
    I felt, after reading Simon’s blog on Sunday that I should visit Juliet as soon as I could possibly make the journey, so arrived Tuesday about 3pm – I hope you didn’t mind.

    She was asleep – so I just held her hand & talked to her.
    She woke after about half an hour with a ‘Hello Janet!’ & a lovely smile.
    I took her a small nosegay of all my flowers in my cottage garden arranged in my clematis mug which seemed just right; some chocs. (so glad that she had tasted them after I left, as per the blog) – some lavender moisturising cream which she immediately smeared on the back of her hand, enjoying the perfume & also an organza  ‘little hug’ bag.
    We chatted about lots of things in the past & had lots of giggles & a nice cup/beaker of tea. She mentioned that she had enjoyed seeing Alex with Margaret & also Philip & Sharon.
    I admired the photo that Richard had taken with J in the hat & we both had another giggle about hats & who looked good in them.
    We talked about Lucy & her driving test & that she was sure to pass next time with flying colours & then about Alice  – she was very proud of ‘her girls’ – & her ‘wonderful husband’.
    We looked at her new dresses – she talked about how she had enjoyed her shopping expedition with you & how much she was looking forward to seeing her own garden the next day.
    I went after about 40 minutes after kissing her & blessing her – turning at the door & blowing her another kiss & she waved me off.
    Precious memories.


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