Another run, another duck

Juliet had her bath and predictably dozed for a lot of the afternoon. I went home and did the same. Returned later to take Margaret back to Oxford. Then went for a run but I was still too tired, it was a warm evening and my route crossed lots of freshly-cut hayfields, where running in the hay was like running in sand. I did meet one of the ducks that like to waddle in the street though, and this time got a single picture. Now I think about it, it’s a goose, isn’t it.

Goose in road

Goose in road

After a shower, in the late evening I returned with Lucy to KH for I think the third time today as J had asked us to visit. She was back to very poor speech with rambling anecdotes, this time sometimes not even using recognisable words. However she can still understand everything perfectly well.

That said, there was a interesting TV programme on about Ludlow, where we’d spent a lovely weekend for my birthday back in 2004. But she couldn’t take it in, recognize it or appreciate any significance to it.

Earlier this morning I’d had a brief word with Dr Richard. “It’s tough for the patients, it’s tough for the family and sometimes it’s tough for the doctors when we get it wrong” he said, referring to yesterday’s view of Juliet’s condition. Then, in seriousness, he said that this was just an upwards zig-zag on the otherwise downwards trend of Juliet’s health. Which we understand full well.

A few days ago Margaret had given him a close-up picture of Juliet for their notes, it’s one I took of her on 25 May 2007 when our extension was being built. Here’s the full-size photo:

Juliet, May 2007

Juliet, May 2007

Goose in road
Goose in road


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Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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