Hamlet and Horatio

Well, as expected yesterday’s photo of J generated some interest. I had a draft of the funeral service plan e-mailed through to me by the celebrant  and she used a photo from this blog on the cover – no, not the Juliet in leather one. There are more photos like the latter by the way… (While writing this post, another e-mail just received from one of her school friends: “I have never seen her dressed like that before!“).

Happy J New Year's Eve 2007

Happy J New Year's Eve 2007

It’s getting rather tedious reporting on all the admin and letters I’m doing, but I am, so that’s that. Similarly, the tears when dealing with funeral stuff and songs selection. I will have to report when a day goes by without tears. No sign yet. Planning the funeral does help though, something constructive.

Spoke to Jeremy on the phone from Aus. Just 2 cents a minute on his calling plan, he says! The postman (Simon) called at the door to get a signature on some post. He’d guessed the news, from all the cards. “She was always so smiley” he said of J. Not so bad an epitaph.

Flowers arrived – more lilies, to replace the ones Jeremy sent, which are almost over.  From Haf, my ex-boss at work. Thank you, they are lovely.

This morning I investigated a box of J’s key documents from schools – appointment letters, P60s and so forth – and beneath the layers were some of her schoolbooks from secondary, primary and middle school. I had not looked at those with her. There was an essay where she had to write on what she would like to achieve in 13 years time (this was 1977, so looking towards 1990, which probably seemed an age away). And a follow-up essay on what they thought would actually happen. I’m just going to say that she did OK. I would have liked to have looked through them with her, and discussed them, but I need to focus on the tons of stuff we did do together, not what we didn’t.

Chased the order for the GP cage – delayed, maybe Friday. (Today is Weds). Lucy casually announced that her pal up the road had a spare chinchilla cage (that’s just a small guinea-pig with a tail, isn’t it?) and so we had a plan. Borrowed cage, set up cage, drove to pet shop, collected GPs, deposited into cage. Where Hamlet and Horatio (for it is they) have cowered ever since. Alice is captivated by them.





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Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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