Sheep jumpers and the first day when…

Grey day. Haircut, bark chippings from B&Q, pub lunch (not a success) with the girls and Richard & Margaret. Then to the garden centre for an orgy of  flower-buying. Back home, after a cuppa, Margaret & I and the girls planted the flowers – we thought we’d bought a lot but the garden seemed to swallow them up. Then we spread the bark chippings around them, by now in the rain. Hey presto, instant garden makeover. Looks great. Juliet would have loved the result. Photos tomorrow, or whenever the weather improves.

S & J at French chateau

S & J at French chateau

Today’s photo was taken on an IBM “jolly” in France, probably 1988 or 1989. I have the itinerary among my papers somewhere – but I have a lot of papers to sort at the moment. Do we look young or what? I always liked J’s jumper, which has already featured on this blog. Now then, I used to tell people that J bought this jumper from a small shop opposite the railway station in Oxford, long before Princess Diana famously wore a red, white and black version. Through the power of Google, I find that Diana actually set this trend as far back as 1983. I also have a feeling that J may have spent her 21st birthday present from her Nan & Grampy (21 pound coins in a little leather bag) on the jumper – although I could be getting confused – which would be a purchase date during or after 1984. Anyway….. she liked the jumper, so did I and it was very fashionable, whether she bought it before or after a princess.

J in leather - again. And make-up.

J in leather - again. And make-up.

Dad’s Cabs to ferry both girls around this evening, to a friend (L) and Tae-Kwon-Do (A). Last week I went for an hour’s run during Alice’s TKD but I was too tired this evening, and there was no driving practice with Lucy, so I took the third option for the 1-hour TKD time-kill: the pub. I’ve been to quite a few pubs in this way in and around Bicester, and found both pubs to recommend and pubs to avoid. Unfortunately tonight’s fell into the latter category – rather cheerless I thought. It didn’t help that the barman (actually the chef I think) greeted my entry with “Yes, young man, what can I get you?” Now I have developed an extremely thin skin to the phrase “young man”, it comes partly from being almost 50, partly because I find it condescending in the extreme and partly because my former manager at work used to often refer to me using the phrase. “I’m older than you” I replied coolly. “Ah, but I’m 62” he replied (I would say he was late 30’s).  Which was a reasonably clever response and I just ordered my pint.

I’m meeting our Macmillan nurse tomorrow for an “open agenda” discussion. Today is the first day I haven’t shed tears since Juliet died sixteen days ago.

About hodders

Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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