A walk in the sand field

Last night was another late one, 1:30am, blog-writing! Bacon sandwiches for breakfast, then lots of photos scanning with Jeremy. Watched some of his videos-burned-onto-DVDs going back as far as 1995 with our university pals and a bonfire party at our previous house, his kids and mine – and Juliet. Predictably, hearing her voice again upset me briefly. Maybe another duck broken, but I suspect I will have the same reaction the next time I see another video of her.

Piggies in pen

Piggies in pen

Alice and I cleaned out the GP’s – catch pigs (“like catching jelly” said Alice), place in the garden pen, roll up the newspaper and mucky sawdust and drop into the compost bin, sweep out plastic cage, new sawdust, job done. The bricks on the pen in the photo opposite are to deter foxes from lifting the side of the pen up to gain a snack… Hamlet in the photo is sniffing the wire, oblivious to the fact he is standing on a lot of food, while Horatio gets on with scoffing it.

The Hodkins pay homage to the GPs

The Hodkins pay homage to the GPs

In the afternoon we went for a walk, to explore a field in the houses behind where we live.

Sand field

Sand field

There’s basically a very large field, with no animals in it (save rabbits) and lots of curious trees, bushes, plants and stuff. A botanist would have a field day (Sorry…). There used to be a sand quarry there, although nothing is marked on any maps, and judging by the height of the face at the field edge, there must have been industrial quantities removed from there – all with horse and cart.

Jeremy and I took lots of photos including the path through the woods, the village church and the huge old sycamore tree, various village buildings and the playpark and Juliet’s tree back at our house. In the evening we dithered over a choice of pub before deciding on Deddington and a visit to the Unicorn. Had a meal of huge burgers there, very good, if filling. Ian popped round to borrow a bottle of wine for cooking (we believe you mate) and brought kitten Smudge with him; he has grown in size since we last saw him.

Just a photo of Juliet to finish with, and one of my most favourite stories, both of which I have mentioned on Facebook but not here.

Juliet at Mediaeval Banquet c.1987

Juliet at Mediaeval Banquet c.1987

At an IBM event (mediaeval banquet, c.1987) a photographer came round taking photos of all the couples. He then went off, developed them, made them into key-ring tags and returned later to sell them. Only he had got all the couples misaligned, hadn’t he? So everyone’s wife was in with someone else’s husband. J is in the photo above with Phil C, a fellow engineer. I liked this photo so much however that I bought it, and every time I met Phil thereafter I would tap my pocket and say “Still carrying that photo of you Phil…”

About hodders

Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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