A week since the funeral

A week since the funeral; a lovely sunny day but rather mundane: working at home, guinea pigs in the pen, taking Alice to a sleepover. So just some photos of Juliet for today’s post. Oh – the photo of Juliet’s tree got published in the local village magazine, in black & white,  not a great scan here but a simple memorial. Rubbish font mind you. My original colour photo is here.

Memorial notice in village magazine

Memorial notice in village magazine

Here’s a photo from Karen L, her former colleague at J’s first school in Yeovil, so that would date this to 1985 or 1986.

J in snow at Westfield

J in snow at Westfield

Karen writes: “I believe Juliet has the funny expression because some child had just hit her with a snowball!” I look at the photo and shiver, not because of the snow but because I can hear J’s tone in shouting at some unfortunate child (which was exceptionally rare).

The photo below is in warmer times, same school. I remember that dress. Those children will be in their early 30’s now.

Chalk learning

Chalk learning




Change of scene and continent now, here’s J learning to throw a boomerang on Dunk Island in Australia.

J throwing boomerang 12 Aug 2005

J throwing boomerang 12 Aug 2005





One more, as I have to run in a race tomorrow (have prepared by drinking red wine and eating crisps). This is J and me in Sydney, in front of one of the many, many fountains in that city. We should smile more shouldn’t we? Not just for that photo, but generally.

J and S in Sydney 19 Aug 2005

J and S in Sydney 19 Aug 2005



About hodders

Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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3 Responses to A week since the funeral

  1. Marieke says:

    The beginning is really hard when every day is an ‘anniversary’ of sorts. Every week reminds you of the weeks when she was still alive, every month reminds you how x many months ago things were still good. And then one day, my parents rang, must have been about 2 months after the funeral. The rang to say they were thinking of me on this difficult day. I was almost ashamed to admit that I had forgotten it was 2 months since the funeral. They tried so hard to show me they cared and remembered and I had completely forgotten. And so you learn which dates are more important than others. They day Jane died is usually not important to me. The day before she died is the day I dread as it took her 24 hours to finally go to sleep, from the moment her breathing changed to the moment she was finally free.

    I just wanted to say actually that I love that you always post happy pictures of Juliet. It reminds people of who she was before she got ill. And people like me, who never knew her at all, can just see the happiness.

    I hope your race goes well.


  2. Simon Hodkin says:

    Thank you for your comment, it made me smile. I like posting the pictures too…


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