Running and a nice feeling

I only just noticed that I carefully blocked out some of the village details in yesterday’s scan, yet the name is clearly there in the actual memorial notice for J! That’s what comes of writing the blog late at night, either side of midnight. So today’s is late afternoon.

Up early for the hour’s drive to Solihull for another Parkrun event at Brueton Park. Met fellow runners Kate and Kath there. Grey weather, slight breeze, a bit chilly, good for running. We maintained a steady pace throughout and I broke for the line with just less than 200m to go. My time was 25:42, eight seconds off my personal best, which I also set at Brueton, several weeks ago. As usual Kath was coaching Kate, so they finished a few seconds behind me, although Kath could run the socks off both of us. Just to put it in context, the winner’s time was 17:43. A hundred and thirty-eight ran, as they say of the horse races. I was 63rd, I know you’re wondering; but it’s the clock that everyone tries to beat, not each other. No pictures; I forgot. Kate is one of four work colleagues who came to J’s funeral.

Home, shower, then out to Banbury with Lucy to meet up with Alice from her sleepover. We were shopping for new school clothes for Alice (sixth form “smart casual”). Happy to note that Alice shops like I do: in, select, select, select, pay, done. Lucy took us to several other shops just in case. I’m not allowed to mention that I successfully located the correct skirt length & colour in M & S, so I won’t. Lunch at Subways, bought a few books & magazines and visited the market for carrots & cucumber for the squeakypigs. Well it’s cheaper than Sainsbury’s.

Back home, Lucy watched the athletics on TV – she loves it – and I did too, although I fell asleep as well. At least I’d done some athletics for real. Earlier I’d looked at yesterday’s blog and the photo of me & J in the Sydney park had set me off briefly, she looked so smart and happy with herself.

I didn’t mention it to the others, but half-way round this morning’s race, with the blood flowing, my ring finger on my right hand started to tingle, because my wedding ring is still very tight there. So much so, it was like a little electric shock. And I have no belief in the after-life whatsoever, but if any readers think it sounds like J urging me on in the race, well that’s a very nice thought.

About hodders

Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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