Moving on

Went for a run with work colleague Kate this morning who is in training for the forthcoming Great South Run. So we did a local 10k that I’ve done before, along the slopes of the Cherwell Valley, from Lower Heyford to Kirtlington and then back along the road. Lovely day, if a bit breezy. Kate displayed her ability to talk non-stop the entire way, while I wheezed alongside her. Found the last 2-3km a bit tough, which I must put down to lack of sleep from about 4am onwards this morning. Anyway we did it, and both felt OK afterwards.

Kate took a shower at my house – which would have freaked J out, she would have been in there cleaning it for two days beforehand. And stayed for lunch and chatted big-sister like to my girls. Just to make it clear: Kate has a boyfriend who is a co-worker of mine, indeed he back-filled my role after I helped interview him. He was on his way back from Europe in a Top Gear-style adventure in an ancient Volvo with some pals.

A very nice morning, and as I’d promised myself, had a nap and a lazy afternoon after Kate left.

Went for dinner at kind neighbours up the road. Odd going out as a threesome instead of a foursome. Had lovely lamb roast dinner with Dennis & Helen & daughter Kate (pal of Lucy’s), inspected the garden flowers with a glass of wine until it got too dark and saw the family chinchillas (amazing creatures). It would have been even nicer if J had been there, but maybe, just maybe, I am beginning to accept that she isn’t, and just enjoying the new experiences. There’s other developments going on as well that helps in that area, at last some approaching brightness after almost two and a half years’ suffering.

About hodders

Husband and proud father of two daughters. Now a widower. Trying to balance between not dwelling on Juliet's death, but telling the world how much I loved her. Tricky.
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