My name is Simon Hodkin and I am married to Juliet who is dying of cancer in a nearby hospice. My two daughters, Lucy and Alice, visit her once or twice daily. This blog is to record the final days of her life and our family activities as we adjust to this event.

The photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House at sunset was taken by me on the 18th August 2005, on our second visit to that country, which Juliet loved.

“To die is landing on some distant shore” is a quotation by the 17th century English poet, John Dryden.

3 Responses to About

  1. jeremythorp says:

    The photo was taken the day before you visited us, and a couple of days before we took you to West Head, Palm Beach and Manly. It was great to have the chance to show you all a little bit of Sydney (and there are some nice photos on our site at pbase.com). Incidentally, I recently switched offices and I can see the top of the Harbour Bridge from the new office (nowhere near as good a view as your photo though!).


  2. chris shirt says:

    Simon, its Chris (Shirt) here. Forgive me for being so behind the drag curve here but I dipped into FB and picked up on the recent events in your familys’ life. I am sorry for your loss. That led me to your blog, which I have found very touching and a tribute to the strength of your family and the love within it..just wanted to let you know. Many regards Chris.


    • Simon Hodkin says:

      Thanks Chris; you must have met J at various university events, geological or otherwise. A long time ago, and a long time to spend with someone. Hence the loss. Thanks, S.


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