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Time passes. Listen. Time passes.

“Time passes. Listen. Time passes.” – Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas Juliet died two years ago today. Today I and the Long-Haired Pixies had lunch in Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Oxford, very pleasant. This time last year, the LHPs … Continue reading

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Six months on

And so six months have passed. I started this blog about a month before Juliet died and I’m more and more inclined to bring it to a close, now it has fulfilled its purpose. I probably won’t ever close it … Continue reading

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Return to the hospice

To Katharine House again, with Margaret. As we went in I observed that previously I’d often come here in shorts and sandals in the summer; now the leaves have fallen. The passage of time marked by the seasons. We met … Continue reading

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Wedding anniversary

Today would have been our 23rd wedding anniversary. After breakfast, with a strong cup of tea beside me, I opened a second envelope from J entitled: “happy memories, open when you are alone , anytime you like“. It was dated … Continue reading

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The first of many

Awake at 4am, read for a couple of hours and had a cup of tea. In retrospect, reading the end of John Le Mesurier’s biography, about his death and memorial service probably wasn’t a great idea. Had stupidly been dreading … Continue reading

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Spiders and old books

The cheetah, the blue marlin, the peregrine falcon – none of these creatures are as fast as the hairy house spider that suddenly scuttles across the living-room floor late at night. Last night in fact, across my floor. Now obviously … Continue reading

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