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The Goldilocks Principle

Four years and still counting. It still hurts, not too much these days if I’m honest, but just enough. One of the sobering things about bereavement is that time marches on, regardless of the bereaved person. We had holidayed in the Australian paradise of … Continue reading

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Is it really three months?

A month since my last post, and more significantly, three months since Juliet died. Someone asked me today if the time had passed quickly or slowly. The former I think. Now we are well into autumn, the summer seems a … Continue reading

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At Rock Edge

Saturday morning and it was a geoconservation morning at Rock Edge, Headington, Oxford. Rock Edge is a triple-SI (SSSI – Site of Special Scientific Interest) and I am a member of the Oxfordshire Geology Trust or OGT. Today we were … Continue reading

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