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Klimt, The Cure and Rubik’s Cube

I had a short Facebook exchange with my dad today. He posted a rather dull photo of some trees and I remarked that it was very “Klimt-esque”. Klimt was a painter chappie who painted forest scenes among several other subjects. Juliet … Continue reading

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Six months on

And so six months have passed. I started this blog about a month before Juliet died and I’m more and more inclined to bring it to a close, now it has fulfilled its purpose. I probably won’t ever close it … Continue reading

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Return to the hospice

To Katharine House again, with Margaret. As we went in I observed that previously I’d often come here in shorts and sandals in the summer; now the leaves have fallen. The passage of time marked by the seasons. We met … Continue reading

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Adverts, and the last letter

Ugh. Checked the blog tonight to view a comment and noticed intrusive and inappropriate adverts at the foot of the posts – the ones I saw were for EcoHomes or something like that. A quick search of the WordPress help … Continue reading

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Is it really three months?

A month since my last post, and more significantly, three months since Juliet died. Someone asked me today if the time had passed quickly or slowly. The former I think. Now we are well into autumn, the summer seems a … Continue reading

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Long post ahead – but then it’s been a very, very long day. I was awake at 4:30am and up by 7am. Dressed in scruffs first, went out to feed the GPs and to sweep the path by the new … Continue reading

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Garden gate

Another busy day. Mandi, our Macmillan nurse called in this morning for a couple of hours. We discussed the obvious things; inevitably I cried, I hate doing that in front of people, it’s a bloke thing. Perhaps if I were … Continue reading

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